Sign up and invite your team.

Users are organized into teams. One person starts. He/she signs up and invites other users in his/her team.

  1. Click "Try it free" button.
  2. Fill out empty fields (name, email, password).
  3. You will get an email with registration link.
  4. Click this link.
  5. Log in by clicking "Login".
User - is a person who can view his/her KPIs (or KPI of his/her team) in the HandyKPI mobile app or web app.

Only a user with Administrator rights is allowed to add / delete users. On default, Administrator rights are assigned a user who registered first. Later the rights can be transferred to any member of a team.
As long as a first user signed up, he/she can invite members of his/her team.
An employee receives the email with an invitation, activates a link in the email and set a password. He/she uses this email (login) and password to log in mobile or web app.
If an employee signed up himself/herself, it is not possible to add him/her to a team. It happened, he/she created a separate team where he/she is an Administrator. If you have a case like this, and you need to fix it, please, message us in chat. We will delete his/her account, and you can invite him to your team.
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