Free for Starters. Affordable for Business.
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Does "Business" plan include 3 free users like the "Start" plan?

No, it doesn't. When you switch to the "Business" plan, you pay for each user. However, before you switch to paid subscription, you can use our service free for 30 days with an unlimited number of users.
Can I delete unused users and get a refund?

You can reduce the number of users by the end of current subscription period.
Can I switch a "Start" plan to a "Business" and viсe verse?

Yes. You can switch a "Start" plan to a "Business" plan anytime. After the transition you have 30 days of free trial and then your subscription is paid. You can switch a "Business" plan to a "Start" plan anytime during free trial period or by expiration of paid period, if you do not want to use the "Business" plan any longer.
What happens to my data if I haven't extended my subscription?

You are allowed to view data but are not allowed to edit data. You can extend your subscription and restore full functionality or switch to a "Start" plan after deleting data in excess of free limit (i.e., 3 users).
Can I add more users before an expiration of current subscription period?

Yes, you can purchase access for additional users anytime. Subscription period for additional users is set to your current expiration date. Payment is prorated to the days remaining until expiration date.
How can I pay?

Banking cards or wire transfer. If you pay by credit card, please be informed your bank may charge "international transaction fee" on top of the HandyKPI invoice total.
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